Floating Stingray

Majestic beauty, emanates from this ocean glider as she gracefully skates through the seas.

Fancy Swimming Turtle

This transatlantic oceanic swimmer comes to the beaches for her yearly nocturnal visit.

Crown Seahorse

She proudly displays her Tahitian pearl and gold pedigree as she swims among colorful corals.

Blue Sailing

This elegantly swimming and nible ocean jumper is at the alpha of her food chain.

Beach Walker

A quite midday stroll on sunlit white sands leads to a pile of sun-bleached shells under a palm.

Peace in Coral

Snorkeling calm tropical waters you come upon these peaceful heavenly sparkly gems.

Laughing Dolphin

Enjoying the summer sun and playing in the waves is what makes the perfect day.

Designs inspired by Nature's Beauty

“The beauty and fragility of our natural world motivates me to create
inspired “pieces of art” for you to wear. I hope my designs will bring you joy...
and raise awareness and inspire you to promote, preserve and protect.” … Dr. Kovel

... in harmony with the natural world