World of Kovel

WELCOME... to the world of Kovel Collection. With your purchase of my "art to wear" designs you are now a part of the Kovel Collection Family.

Kovel Collection is entirely designed and meticulously produced for you by me. My muse is the ocean realm and the greater natural world. With each new design I strive to raise awareness to show just how beautiful and wondrous our world is.  We also acknowledge how fragile our world has become.

I want to personally thank each one of you for adding my jewelry designs to your own collections. It means a lot to hear from you about the excitement that my designs bring you. Send us a picture of you wearing one of my designs. We will share it with our Kovel Collection family on our webpage under "Kovel's People" section as well as on our Facebook page.

Again thank you for your interest and support of Kovel Collection.

Beauty, joy and vitality go hand in hand with stewardship,

Dr. William Kovel