Care of your Kovel Designs

As with all finely crafted jewelry, Kovel Collection designs require some care to keep it looking beautiful.

We recommend taking the following steps to keep your Kovel designs looking their best:

What to use when cleaning your designs:

  • Purified plain water is fine for cleaning jewelry. Make sure jewelry is completely dry before putting away.
  • We recommend a dry soft cloth (microfiber cloths) or cotton ball with nothing on them. Make sure to use a clean part of the cloth when cleaning.
  • Do not dip your design in any kind of cleaning liquid, jewelry or otherwise. You run the risk of harming your mother of pearl, opal or the plating.

Maintaining your designs:

  • Air exposure can wreak havoc, even with rhodium plating, to jewelry. It’s best to store your designs in individual, air-tight bags with anti-tarnish strips. This keeps the air out and the shininess and brilliance intact
  • Unclasp and Unhook all designs to avoid potential scratching. DO NOT put more than one design in a bag. They will scratch.
  • Traveling: We know you want to look glamorous on your travels so please take a few of these precautions listed above to ensure your designs will look their best.

Know when to take off your jewelry:

  • Strong chemicals, sulfur, sweat, perspiration, chlorine and harsh sunlight can oxidize and even scratch your jewelry. So please remove your jewelry in the following activities:
  • *Showering
  • *Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs and Hot Springs – If you go in with your jewelry on make sure you are rinsing the jewelry completely, with clean warm water and drying completely
  • *Locations & Perfumes – apply them first, let them dry and then put on your jewelry
  • *Household chores, dishes, laundry
  • *Outside chores or task, such as gardening, washing the car, power washing

Yes, we know how much you love your gorgeous Kovel designs (thank you!). And, we know it can be hard to take those beauties off but it’s critical to do so and follow these guidelines to insure long wearing happiness with our designs.

Thank you for being a Kovel collector!!