Meet Dr. Kovel

The Making of the Design

The Idea … A Drawing … Creation by hand in wax …Casting a master … Creating a mold … Pouring hot wax into the mold … Casting … Cleaning and polishing … Setting inlay and gemstones … Polishing … Rhodium and gold plating … Polishing … Presenting to the you is the best of it all.

Dr. Kovel of Kovel Collection
Dr. Kovel

First is an idea or inspiration. This may come from a request or seeing an animal or shell while I have been skin diving or walking a beach or from some photo out of a book or just out of the blue in a dream and usually its some form of combination of all of these is usually how it happens.

Drawing out the basic shapes with pencil on paper further moves the idea along. The initial size is measured as I draw things out. Gemstones or inlay are incorporated into many of the designs. I sometimes utilize the internet to search out photos and sketches that provide more information.

The next step is to create in wax in three dimensions the exact model of the idea. I have to make the wax a little bit larger that the final version as there is a little bit of shrinkage in the process that we have to factor in.

Once the wax is finished it goes to the casting department where the wax is placed in a cylindrical metal tube sealed on the bottom and a liquid clay like mix is poured to surround the wax until dry. This tube is then inverted and heated to a high temperature until all of the wax has melted and been drained and or burned out.

Under pressure molten high quality silver is melted and under pressure forced into the tube to fill the interior spaces where the wax has been melted.