Warranty, Repair & Renewal Policy for Kovel Collection

Warranty Terms:

For the warranty to be in effect Kovel Collection will require a sales receipt or invoice number on all designs that are being returns under the warranty/renewal policy. Kovel Collection will remain as the final arbiter to determine any and all warranty issues. If mistreated or excessive wear has been determined, then all warranties are void.

A. Two (2) year from the date of invoice on any manufacture and inlay issues.

B. Two (2) year for any cut gem stone cracking or chipping.

C. Eighteen (18) months from the date of the invoice to dealer on significant oxidation of the design.

Repair & Renewal Service of a Design:

Any design that is being returned after 18 months for oxidation is a renewal not a warranty claim.

Any design that is being returned after 24 months for inlay or gem work is a repair not a warranty claim.

Oxidation to sterling silver jewelry is normal occurrence with wear, time and exposure to air. This happens on surface gold and rhodium platting. After years pass some of your customer may wish to have their designs completely renewed.

When we repair or renew a design, we go through the following steps on each design:

*Look over and evaluate the jewelry to make ensure the integrity of the design is still intact
*Make any repair if needed
*Meticulously replate with high detail combinations of yellow gold, rose gold and silver or black rhodium

The cost on the Renewal or Repair Service will vary with the size and complexity of the design.
Please speak with Marie on the exact cost of the Renewal or Repair Service for your design: General outline of cost listed below:

a. Petite and Small Pendants, Petite Design Rings, PIS Pendants/Toppers, Vacation Toppers/Pendants and KIS Ball Bracelets – $99
b. Medium to Large Pendants, Earrings, Gem KIS Bracelets and all inlay and gem Toppers – $139
c. Yo and YoYo Pendants, Large Rings, Wrist Bracelets – $179 – $199

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